The Gift @ Christmas 2017

The Carol for Kids transforms into “The Gift @ Christmas”.


Christmas is beyond the food we eat and the drink we share within our comfort zones but paying the utmost prize as to reaching out to others whom you believe can hardly ever pay you back.


A wise man I respect so much once told me “Son, the true joy in giving without regrets is giving and helping those whom you believe might never be able to pay you back…”


This fueled our Passion in beginning the Carol For Kids (CFK) Concert which has transformed into “The Gift @ Christmas”


This post is reaching you now because we Succeeded in Hosting the Maiden Edition this 2017.


Updates, Videos and Highlights will be relayed on this site periodically.


But here’s a few to wet your appetite:


End 2017 & Begin 2018
3 Major Concerts & Conferences

Hosting 3 Major Concerts & Conferences within 2weeks to some people is ‘Insanity’ but to us it’s simply obeying Divinity”

Who you follow determines what follows you.

My Mentor in Impact fillled Ministry, Bishop David O. OYEDEPO said every Week & Day shall be a New Dawn order of World Record Events & Manifold Testimonies. That’s what I’m simply exhibiting.

Dec 25th Concert 2017 had about 2,600 Insurgency Displaced Persons (IDPs) and 100 Dignitaries ministered to and fed at the International Christian Centre, Uhogua on Christmas Day.

It has indeed been a noiseless breakthrough for Dexterous Music Media in Conjunction with De-Glorious Ministers alongside several other dignitaries.

The essence of Christmas is the Joy and Smiles you put on people’s faces whom you never expect to pay you back forever (The Gift @ Christmas, Dec 25th 2017)…

The Essence of Living is to pass a better life unto the Next Generation (Mentors & Protégés Weekend, Dec 29th – 31st 2017)

The Essence for having another chance to live the next year is to Plan, Break your past records and set new ones (Dexterous Music Camp Jan 4th – 6th 2018)



See summary images below:


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