“The Call” Beneficiary (May 14)

Mock Music Session #mms

This is our Annual Offer to celebrate “The Call” into Music Ministry God on the 14th of May 2000 at 1:45pm WAT. Saying “I’ll make you great wherein I have called you; teachers are learners, learners are teaching…”

It’s called a Mock Music Session (MMS) because it is designed to both tease and tantalize you to get out the best you have ever been within 30 days of Training @ #D’Academy.

There is NO PAYMENT for this training but whatever you are blessed with or to what extent you get impacted the Music Training Session, you give back in APPRECIATION as a ‘Call Beneficiary’.

Read this post and share to become a ‘Call Beneficiary’ in this Maiden Edition of the #MMS.

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Register online now @ http://dexterousmusicmedia.com/student-application/

E-Mail: DexterousMedia628@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +2349069041754
Call: +2348022495722.
SMS: +2349069041754.


You can forward the link to your contacts. You never can tell those it will be of immense benefit…

Best Regards,

MD Crown
Creative Executive Officer
Whatsapp: +2349069041754

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