Musician’s SWOT Analysis & VAT


3rd Session:

Musician’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat (SWOT) Analysis & Vacuum Analysis Test (VAT) to be done regularly

SWOT Analysis

Know and Understand your self-worth, SWOT Analysis

  1. Strength-what you can do best and many others cannot beat you to it.

  2. Weakness-the things you find difficult doing.

  3. Opportunity-the chances you have for exhibiting your strength.

  4. Threat-those situations that could reveal your weakness.

The drill is to for improvement after this analysis is to Build on your strength and overcome the Weaknesses to face the threats.

The major weakness most ministers have is “Offence”. This offence can be categorized into several parts but we’ll handle the two (2) most disastrous ones at this camp this year.

  1.  The Expectancy Offence: This is an offence you have based on the expectations you had for or from the person. Compare Matt 3:13-17 & Matt 11:2-3. This was why Jesus taught the people the blessedness in avoiding this kind of offence in Matt 11:4-6.

  1. The Familiarity Offence: Some young folks in Ministry have the privilege of meeting and even staying around great people who others long to meet with all their lives but are not opportune. They even try to schedule meetings, travel around wherever they know these mentors’ itinerary would take them to but can’t still make it through the protocols till the conferences end. Whereas, on the other side lies someone who has contact with them often and soon begins to devalue the opportunities they share. They begin to treat certain instructions with levity and handle the words they hear with little or no seriousness. The worse part is that they’ll start doubting some instructions and try to rebuke their mentors at certain statements of spiritual activity. Luke 8:43-48, Mark 5:24-34.

Vacuum Analysis Test (VAT):

The VAT is done under the assumption or pretence that ‘an individual or group is no longer needed or leaves a body’,

  1. What is the individual bound to suffer or gain.

  2. What is the establishment bound to suffer?

  3. Can another person/ group fit correctly into that group in the event that it happens.

  4. What if the employee or subject gets an emergency deal that would propel his life for better, how would you respond?

The Vacuum Analysis Test should be done on oneself regularly. Several organizations do this annually but represent it to their employees as Annual Leave. Others ask their employees to write how much they think they are worth the establishment with reasons.

This accounts for why a lot people have either received their sack letter or otherwise shortly after their annual leave. Some others are simply reassigned.

Smart establishments always have people understudying key people in the establishment. It guarantees a better structure and future.


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12 Training Sessions:

  • Gifts, Talents & Skill.

  • Discipline/ Commandments.

  • SWOT Analysis.

  • Spiritual Maturity.

  • Song Variety/ Choice.

  • Rehearsal/ Ministration.

  • Financial Management.

  • Mentorship

  • Contemporary, Companion & Rival.

  • Fans/ Protégés .

  • Media/ Commendation.

  • Leadership & Authority.

  • Planning & Goal Setting (Bonus)

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