Mentors & Protégés Weekend (MPW)

Mentors & Protégés Weekend (MPW) is a Music Conference that brings Music Mentors and their Protégés to a “One on One meeting” for a weekend (Friday – Sunday) to meet, interact and get re-fired. It is meant among other features to review the Minstrel’s Music Ministry, Musical Life, Correct mistakes already made or about to be made, and what new heights are left to be accomplished as minstrels.


·         Teaching & Seminar Mentors.

·         Interactive Session.

·         Photo & Autograph Session.

·         Dinner Nite with Mentor(s).

·         Empowerment/ Impartation Sessions.

·         Interview Segment (Red Carpet).

The Weekend covers the following Areas Of Focus:

  • Self Development.

  • SWOT Analysis.

  • Rehearsals

  • Discipline

  • Mentorship Choice

  • Handling Commendations & Fans.

  • Minister’s Honorariums.

  • Ministrations/ Performances

  • Obeying Leadership/ Authority.

  • Seed-Faith.

  • Spirituality

Procedure for Being a Part:

·         Register online now @

·         Download, Fill & Submit our Mentor/ Protégé form.

·         Follow the Tour Date closely.

·         Register for your Favourite Mentor’s Session as an attendee Protégé.

·   Connect with the Mentors on their Social Media Platforms.

. Get the Guest/ Attendees I.V/ Access Card & Tag Connecting with us on our Online/ Social Media Platforms.







Whatsapp: +2349069041754.

Call: +2348187200096


Add Ins:

·         Attendees get to know and get known their Mentors/ Proteges One-on-One.

.We create a blog/ webinar between the Mentors & their Protégés.

·         Protégés will receive Posts/ write-ups on Mentoring before, during and after the Music Conference/ Weekend.

·         Protégé can fill more than one mentor and desired/ optional mentors who they’ll also love to attend their session/ weekend…

…Bridging the Gap through Music…

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