80% Anniversary & Valentine Discount Offer

Dexterous Music Media offers 80% Discount to Singers & Pianists for a 3months Crashed Music Training @ #D’Academy.

In case you missed any of the info since January 5th, I have to resend this due to the frequently asked questions from all the numerous Participants & Counterparts?



It’s the start of a great year and a new beginning.


What are your Musical Goals and schedule this 2018.

It’s not too early to start dear, I think it’s just the right time. Let’s meet at #D’Academy this week and plan something around your schedule.

It’s time to take personal responsibility over your Music Ministry and stop wasting away every passing activity.

Only efficiency pays and not activity. Skillful people work less and earn more

That’s why some persons may not be around all the time yet whenever they show up, they are highly esteemed over others because of what they can make happen within the shortest time they spend there.

Stop beefing them cos THAT’s their EFFICIENCY SPEAKING. Learn and Train to be efficient this 2018.

Enforce your New Dawn Musically…

So, Dexterous Music Media offers 80% Discount to Singers & Pianists for a 3months Crashed Music Training @ #D?Academy.

Training Sessions for qualified participants will commence on Monday 29th of January 2018 till Thursday of April 2018.

These Training Sessions are #60,000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) per quarter outside this offer. But this 80% Discount slashes it down to #12,000 (Twelve Thousand Naira) for the Quarter i.e Monday 29th of January 2018 till Thursday of April 2018.

The 80% Discount Offer happens once every year as part of our Feb 2nd Anniversary Celebration & Feb 14th Valentine Offer.

Of course it’s a Counterpart Funding Project for your Music Training/ Empowerment this 2018.

Just make your 20% (12k) available and get the 80% (48k) funded our Partners & Music Ministry Arm in Dexterous Music Media.

Then you’ll be trained on Singing & Piano Skills for the next 3months…

Training kicks off 5pm next week Monday 29th January 2018.

barely one week to go!!!!

Registration takes immediate effect from this official publication time on all our online platforms.

Crashed Training Sessions are on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays every week 5p.m for the shortlisted and Qualified Singers & Pianists?

All Payments are to be made into:

Account Name: Dexterous Media Int?l

Account Number: 2021224278

Bank: FirstBank of Nig. PLC.

Then proceed for your online registration @



Only 50 people are selected to be trained annually depending on their passion to get better musically.

Consequently, 2.4m has been dedicated for this to be accomplished for 50 of you, but to be enjoyed only those who are passionate about getting Trained.

So I could shortlist you. But I can’t hold it beyond due dates and deadlines if others completed theirs before you dear!!!

Reconsider and act smartly cos I know you’ve got brains for this capacity building…

For Participation & Training Time Table/ Schedule,

Call: MD Crown +2348022495722, SallyMuzic +2348065252238

WhatsApp: +2349069041754.


Practical Drum Lessons for all ages now available @ #D?Academy

Top Floor (Ighomo House), 7 Akpakpava Road,

 Beside BEDC Building, Opposite Total Filling Station,

After Central Bank of Nigeria, Ring Road,

Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Remember, 60,000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) per Trainee is how much the training is worth but you’ll pay 12,000 (Twelve Thousand Naira) because some of our partners have the remaining 48,000 (Forty-Eight Thousand Naira) covered for you already…

3 days Weekly

Mon, Tues & Thurs for the next 3months

5pm – 7pm.

It’s all detailed on the broadcast.

80% Anniversary & Valentine Discount Offer http://dexterousmusicmedia.com/blog/80-anniversary-valentine-discount-offer/

You can forward the link to your contacts. You never can tell those it will be of immense benefit…

Best Regards,

MD Crown

Creative Executive Officer


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