Artiste Management

Artiste Management:

Our Management Arm has a Team that is regularly Trained to handle various Artistes and their Brand’s needs ranging from ARM (Album Recording Management), AP (Album Promotion), AB (Artiste Booking), BM (Band Management) till Copyright Protection of Musical works.


Album Recording Management (ARM):

Nothing breeds satisfaction as knowing exactly what you want for your songs before going into the studio for recording and having the producer scale positively beyond your expectations yet spending less time and resources to accomplish this.

That’s why the Album Recording Management covers Sessions for the arrangement of songs composed the Artiste being rehearsed and professionally arranged with such intriguing progressions and climaxes that gives it such crescendo till the song fades out on the track.

This flows on through the various tracks that make up the album. Thus every track is a masterpiece for the entire album work from beats to rhythm, progressions and back up vocals…


Album Promotion:

Our Album Promotion Team works through the various online portals and Satellite Stations to give your new song the boost it deserves, reaching out to the multitude of fans it is projected to cover and beyond.


Band Management:

blog-03-420x280We recruit, Train and Manage Musical Bands during rehearsals on behalf of Artistes and Ministries. This helps to cut off the rigors of searching endlessly for Instrumentalists who carry the same spirit of musicianship with the artiste alongside the discipline it requires.


Artiste Booking:

The Management bridges the gap between artistes and concerts/ ministries to structure out a proper schedule that prevents program failures, clashes for the Artistes and difficulty reaching out to the standard of Artiste for the right concert planned…

Other Services:

Music Training & Vocational Sessions.

Live Musical Performances have been a wreck to several artistes in Nigeria and across the globe who have been
stereo typed to studio recordings and pre-recorded performances. Worse is the case of those who do not know or understand the Standard Communicative Rules involved in communicative Competence. Thus, we have taken up the burden to Teach, Instruct, Train & Direct Music at all levels and to all ages in our Institute irrespective of time, academic qualification and career. Vacation classes also run for students and workers within their Vacation, Leave and Leisure periods.


Music & Media Instruction.

With the upsurge of Reality Shows, Standard Music Game Shows and Talent Hunt across all ages and races, the teaching of music in schools is becoming a standard as it avails the school the platform on which the star is Born, Trained and Raised. Thus the student gives back to the school and society; whatever is got from her.

We Instruct practical music in your schools and colleges. Thereby, raising the standard of your extra moral lectures and students’ exposure to more career choices from their tender ages.
Staff recruitment & training.                                                                                  
All too soon do we make new contacts, clients, Students and Members before losing them. We must have searched and prayed to have this overcome without fail; only to discover the problems arose from our Staff and Workers’ poor/ hostile reception.                                                                                                   Consequent upon the above, we recruit and train Staff, Workers and Executives to understanding, welcoming and managing people even at pressure periods.

Periodicals & updates. We send SMS to your clients, Members and Internal Staff that can serve as Memos, Meeting Notices, Important Information and Weekly Updates. These could also be updates of very important information and events that affect your sector and industry that you could plunge into on time to make great impact before they become common and stale.

We’ve been Registered and proven to render these Educational Services within Nigeria and beyond with results in divers ways and speed.

We’ll freely offer our teaching aids and resource


Music & Media Services

Jingles for advert:

Now your School, Church, Company or Group’s Advert can be made with Great Quality and Winning Innovations for less price; Why pay more? We recreate your style with Life Footages, 3D Animations, Concept Creativity and More at affordable prices.

Advert Placement.


Your adverts are placed on the Best Media, Time and Place where your largest targeted clients and audience will see it. We place them in every State where we have our Media Presence Established.

More so, we have a Strong Working Relationship with Media Houses, Cable Stations and Broadcast Sites.

Projector Hiring & Presentation.

Be relaxed as your presentations, Lyrics and Film shows are being handled Multimedia Professionals on Projector, using Power Points and 3D Animation with the right background effects and design that best expresses your message to the audience in grand style with accuracy.

We Prepare and Project your presentations for Seminars, Project Defense, Musical Concerts, Special & Regular Worship Services. We also hire out Projectors to our client for similar services.

Books/ Magazine Editing & Publishing.

Your regular series of Messages, Seminars and Speeches can be turned into books and sold across the globe with less stress on your part. We collect your Live Recorded Materials, then turn them into a Ready to Read book/Magazine with Copyright Protection {WIPO} at your order.

Live Gospel Band (D’ Minstrels). 

Your Social function and engagements could be laced with such spiritual magnitude that it becomes a platform for Soul-Winning through Music Ministrations handled our various live band. We operate from a session of Praise, Worship, Hymns and Inspirational songs till it climaxes with Altar Calls. Much to your guest now comes our Seasons on Songs of Hope, God’s Faithfulness, Demands for Holy Living and Healings carefully coined into a full session of music & Choreography our Live Gospel Band {Dexterous Crew etc.}

Musical Instruments & Public Address System Rental.

Most Concerts either lack their desired Public Address Systems of such magnitude and quality that they need, while others don’t know how to get it. Yet few don’t know where to get it.

The search and endless list of excuses has been handled our Rental Department with facilities ranging from Stage Lights, Snake Cables, Power Amplifiers, Compressors, Equalizers, Condenser Microphones, Keyboards, Electric Drums, Guitars, Saxophone and lots more.


Analog Studio Recording.

With the upsurge of Digital Studio Recordings and its gadget, Analog Studios, Instrumentalists and Musicians have gradually gone into extinction and their equipment becoming obsolete. Yet their music is ever alive and kicks stronger especially on the International Scene.

Solving these plagues is part of our Vision and Agenda. Consequently, we have set up an Analog Recording Studio to cater for all of these needs, lack and dearth of Live Performers and their Performances.

Artiste Booking & Management.

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So disappointing is the fact that most people cannot reach the Artiste of their choice to perform in that their once in a lifetime or privilege Event/ Concert when desired.

We book Artistes for your Concerts, Church Programs and other Events. We also Train and Manage both existing and upcoming artiste who believe in improving on themselves to reach their utmost goals.

Video Coverage & Photography.

That little event of yours could be packaged and resold if desired to make more fame and money when required. The slim difference is the packaging from the start.

 That’s why our Video Coverage & Photography Department covers your Events and Functions with that sense of Dexterity and Eternal touch of Class.

Live Concert Training, Packaging & Directing.

Three {3} things that never return when lost; TIME, WORDS & OPPORTUNITY.  These always occur in every Live Concert; your audience will never be the same, the Opportunity that hosted them never comes back and the words you’ve given out can neither be retrieved nor corrected.

This is why we spend quality time, Energy and Sacrifice packaging every Concert we are privileged to Train the Choir/Group for, Package and Direct. Because it is one opportunity that we can never re-create in Eternity.                                                                                                                                                         

Events, Wardrobe & Costume Management.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Demands vary for different people, ages and class in Events and Concerts. This affects the kind of costume that
should be used especially having a specific message to communicate to your guests and audience that you don’t want to pass them by.                                                                                                                                                  Our Events, Wardrobe & Costume Managers allow you go to rest while they worry about what you’ll drink, eat, wear and your looks, then fix things up for you at the Special Event; placing you on top gear and style only symbolic of Excellence and Royal Class