As part of our Calling & Ministry Commitments, this Arm has been rendering Musical Training & Supports to Ministries in Various programs set to run independently in different seasons of the year. These ranges from DMM (Dexterous Music Minstrels), MMPP (Music Ministry Partnership Project), STORMM (Specialized Training Of Regional Music Ministers), LRC (Lyrics Rewrite Community), FW (Family Worship),  12 Impactful Weekends till Mentorship Programs.



Dexterous Music Minstrels . #D’Minstrels

Dexterous Music Minstrels is one of our Ministry’s Training Program set to Recruit, Train, Audition and Establish musicians to become Minstrels in every area of their music ministry.

Like the 80/20 Pareto Rule, it is also a Music Ministry Referral Program that empowers everybody to find, Establish and Grow his/ her Music Ministry on a 1-5 Scale basis from when you enter as #DexterousMusicMinstrel while you keep receiving Training & Ministry Supports at every project you engage in wherever we are in any part of the World.


So all you need after joining #DexterousMusicMinstrel and becoming #D’Minstrel,  is take your flight to where your Project is while we provide you with Musically Trained Human and Technical Resources within that locality saving you lots of hassles and money!!!


DMM Season 1.1

June  4th    1pm  Recruitment    1st & 3rd Sundays

DMM Season 1.2

August 13th 4p.m Recruitment   1st & 3rd Sundays

DMM Season 1.3

October  14th 10am Recruitment  2nd & 4th  Saturdays

DMM Season 1.4

December 9th 1pm Recruitment  2nd & 4th   Saturdays

DMM Season 1.5

February 3rd (2018)  10am Recruitment  1st & 3rd Saturdays

DMM Season 1.6

April     7th(2018)  1p.m Recruitment 1st & 3rd Saturdays

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Music Ministry Partnership Project {MMPP}


A Project that allows Ministries (small & great) to key into the Training Projects and Services our Ministry has to offer theirs, yet not paying fully for services required but have the understanding that we need each other to accomplish what God has commanded us and put in store for us to achieve within our impactful stay on the earth, not minding the available finances at the time.


We have seen massive in flock of souls into churches and Ministries in these end times but soon jump out because of several reasons among Poor Musical Coordination {PMC} as against 11 Chron 5:12-14, 2 Kg 3:15.

The DRIFT {Diving Radically Into Favoured Trends} rotates from one church to the other, but sad enough sometimes, they go from Churches back into the Musical World {MW}.

Other ministers have challenges with raising a Standard/ Mature Music Team and Ministry due to financial constraint or inaccessibility to qualified instructors within their locality.

Whichever category yours falls into, these problems are what we have been designed to tackle with the Music Ministry Partnership Project {MMPP}.

The {DRIFT} Challenge in Perspective:

  • From the Musical World into Churches.

  • From Poor Musically Coordinated churches into Better Musically Coordinated ones.

  • From Better Musically Coordinated Churches to Healthier Musically Coordinated ones.

  • From Healthier Musically Coordinated Churches to Ever Improving Musically Coordinated ones.

  • From Ever Improving Musically Coordinated Churches to their Musical Career.

However, as every Scriptural Covenant and Contract is accessible to us, we still have our part to play in grabbing and maximizing these offers.

In just 3 Simple Steps.

  1. Be our Active Partner (AP).

  2. Select Members to be trained (SM).

  3. Encourage them to Attend Training (EAT).


As a Music Ministry Partner, you stand to benefit the following:

  • Members of Active Partners gain access to being trained our Certified Instructors at our Music Academy with our Multimedia Systems.

  • Your Registered Choristers/ Music Ministers can come for Training at their desired time between m – 8p.m Monday to Friday for the courses they’re enrolled for.

  • Your new intakes into the Music Department will be trained and auditioned us into your Choir/ Group the standards you set for your ministers.

Free attendance to our Quarterly Music Seminar tagged: STORMM (Specialized Music Training Of Regional Music Ministers) held within your region.

  • Gain access to our Music & Media Consultancy Services.

  • Get up to 20-50% Discount for services required from us.

  • Ministries Plan and schedule their training ahead and are allowed to contribute in installments.

  • Partners can stand on behalf of other Individuals, Groups, Corporate Bodies or Ministries they are related with.

  • Active Partners get Quarterly/ Annual Reports of our Music Ministries’ accomplishments for the season.

  • 5% of the financial commitment made to our Music Academy.

  • Inclusion of your Ministry/Company Logo on our Special Events/ Concert’s Banners, flyers, TV adverts and other publicity materials for the event as well as on the Red Carpet during the event.

We trust God to equip you with the necessary means to partner with us as we eagerly await your response.


How to Become our Music Ministry Partner:

  1. Draw up an Average Budget for your Music Department/ Choir’s Training.

  2. Choose a Partnership Package/ Plan e.g Bronze Partner e.g #25,000 monthly installment due.

  3. Keep to your Commitment faithfully (Active Partner).

Partnership Duration Can Be:

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Per Concert/ Special Program.

  • Annually

Partnership Membership Conditions:

The membership terms can be

Partnership Strength:

  • Individuals

  • Corporate Bodies,

  • Ministries

  • Groups of People.

Our Media Outlets used are:

  • Website.

  • Blogs.

  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook.

  • Tweeter.

  • Instagram.

  • Youtube

  • Banners.

  • Handbills.

  • Fliers & Red Carpet Backgrounds @ Concerts.


Other Advertising Outlets include:

  1. Music Concerts.

  2. Road Storms.

  3. Radio Adverts.

  4. Television Adverts.

  5. On Air Interviews.

  6. Produced Event DVDs.

  7. Online Publicity


Our Partners are grouped under:


  • Dexterous Diamond Partners (DDP): ₦500,000 and above (eg Mass Choir/ Leadership Training).

  • Dexterous Gold Partners (DGP): ₦100,000 to ₦499,000 (eg Concerts).

  • Dexterous Silver Partners (DSP): ₦50,000 to ₦99,000 (eg Album Recording Management).

  • Dexterous Bronze Partners (DBP): ₦25,000 to ₦49,000 (eg Growing Ministries).

  • Dexterous Partners (DP): 10,000 to ₦24,000 (Individuals).

For more Information, Membership Participation and Correspondences, visit us…

Our Partnership Office:

Top Floor, (Ighomo House),

7, Akpakpava Road, Beside BEDC Building,

After Central Bank of Nigeria, Ring Road,




Specialized Training Of Regional Music Ministers

STORMM is a training set aside for Music Ministers within a given Region on various challenging concepts and issues plaguing their ministry with a view to offering solutions in the areas handled per training session.

STORMM Edition:

As part of our Music Ministry Partnership Project (MMPP), which we have begun since May 2013, and have accomplished greatly within 3yrs, we write to acquaint you with the opportunity provided for the Music Ministers to be trained on this platform.

Well over 1,000 Music Ministers have been trained so far. In 2017, the Training is set to be launched in other parts of the world.


  • Music Pastors, Directors & Presidents.

  • Soloists, Praise Leaders & Worship Leaders.

  • Singers & Instrumentalists.

  • Choir Executives.

This Training runs once every Quarter on the 3rd Sunday of the Month at the Academy but holds at various scheduled date and Venues different ministries who have booked their dates.

So follow us on our social media platforms below for every update per time



Whatsapp: +2349069041754.

Call: +2348187200096


Lyrics Rewrite Community

A community of Song writers, Singers, Producers, Marketers and Sponsors who come together as Partners in actualizing the set goal for the musical masterpiece. The members within 1yr tenure are taken through series of training sessions during 12 Live Sessions/ Streaming Webinars, Over 52 Various Concepts to being an Award Winning Lyricist, Song Rearrangements and Live Chats with our Professionals. Members are given created Demos to work with and rebirth the best of work ever done.

 Writers.
 Singers.
 Producers.
 Marketers.
 Sponsors.


  • Ordinary Members (OM) #3,000 per annum.

  • Duo-Functional Members (DM) #5,000 per annum.

  • Multiplex Members (MM) #30,000 per annum.

  • Semi-Remunerative Members (SM) #60,000 per annum.

  • Remunerative Members (RM) #250,000 per annum.


  • Writers (20%) of Produced Songs.

  • Singers (10%).

  • Producers (7.5%).

  • Marketers (15%).

  • Sponsors (20%).

  • Management (15%).

  • Tithe (10%).

  • Copyright (2.5%)


12 Impactful Weekends:


Today, The 1st of April 2017, We officially Launch our 12 IMPACTFUL WEEKENDS for everyone.
Consequently, the following weekends have been scheduled for your Training this 2018:

1ST WEEKEND April: 7th (Saturday) & 8th (Sunday)
2ND WEEKEND April: 14th (Saturday) & 15th (Sunday)
3RD WEEKEND May 12th (Saturday) & 13th (Sunday)
4TH WEEKEND June 2nd (Saturday) & 3rd (Sunday)
5TH WEEKEND June 9th (Saturday) & 10th (Sunday)
6TH WEEKEND June 16th (Saturday) & 17th (Sunday)
7TH WEEKEND June 30th (Saturday) & July 1st (Sunday)
8TH WEEKEND July 7th (Saturday) & 8th (Sunday)
9TH WEEKEND July 14th (Saturday) & 15th (Sunday)
10TH WEEKEND July 21st (Saturday) & 22nd (Sunday)
11TH WEEKEND August. 11th (Saturday) & 12th (Sunday)
12TH WEEKEND August. 18th (Saturday) & 19th (Sunday)


To Participate

A. Choose your preferred WEEKEND(s).
B. Inform your Music Director/ Pastor/ Coordinator.
C. Send us a message on your preferred WEEKEND(s) and venue.
D. Follow up for approval or nearest location and WEEKEND as a favourable alternative to yours on our various Social Media Platforms below:

Whatsapp: +2349069041754
Call: +2348022495722.
SMS: +2349069041754.

Carol For Kids (CFK) Concert…


An Interdenominational Christmas Celebration organized for kids who are within the challenged and malnourished to have a feel of Christmas brought into their communities and homes on Christmas days. As an added feature, Kids from Wealthy & Well Balanced homes can join in the fun as it helps to strike a balanced life for every kid involved afterwards. The goal is to bring them the joy of Christmas with all the Love, Excitements and Opportunities it offers without any extra cost on the kids.




  • Kids from Orphanages.

  • Kids in Developing Communities.

  • Kids within poor families.

  • Kids within challenged and abusive homes.

  • Kids from Wealthy & Balanced homes.




…Bridging the Gap through the Music Ministry…