Song Variety/ Choice

5th Session: Song Variety/ Choice

Song Variety/ Choice

Song selection is another crucial and dicey area of Choir Management and Music Ministry.

Several choir groups prefer challenging songs with lots of hurdles and tasks to deal with, while others just need the free flowing ones with less hassle.

The variety in desires related to each choir group is usually associated with the age range of the singers in that group as well as the zeal or ministerial target of the group.

Others are fired up the demands or musical expertise of the Senior Pastor in charge as well as the Music Director.

However the case and whichever the choices, a well balanced choir should have a pattern for their song selection and basis for their song choices.

These include:

  • The understanding of the setting they belong to.

This is with respect to the Age group that dominates the local church, the Social Class, Government laws and regulations, the economic situation per time alongside societal crisis overtime.

  • The spiritual need of the church as a congregation.

This is often as declared the Senior Pastor or General Overseer in shades of Monthly / Focus, Seasonal Teachings and Episodes, Character Studies or as felt the Spiritual sensitivity of the Music Director where the initial conditions are not available

  • The musical height/expertise desired to attain.

Some choir groups set a professional height they desire to attain annually. This follows a session of preparing for concerts, waxing a choir album, going for musical competitions and targeting certain awards for each year. This should closely be marked up Character, Spiritual Maturity and Discipline, so as to keep maintaining/destroying the flaws that destroy other groups with similar goals and aspirations.

  • The Vocal Ranges of Singers in the group.

This is another challenging situation which some music directors shy away from while others are ignorant of.

  • The Theme of the Program /Concert to be done.

The theme of the concert largely influences the song types to be done. For instance a concert targeted to climax at worship should contain such songs as would reveal our state as man, God’s personality,  His love and sacrifices to redeem us, the consistent urge for a relationship, benefits of his presence and our undying love to remain there.


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