Musical Eschatology & Conceptualization

Eschatology & Conceptualization


The extent to which the individual or group inter plays with a song is predetermined how much of the song is known and taught. Everyone relates better with the picture crated in his mind than the one others think about.

Consequently, the concepts, setting and background of every song to be done should be taught the group and individuals within the much possible time available.

With respect to this, a few questions below, when  answered creates the scenario often needed as a base for the song to be done better on.


  1. Who did this song?
  2. Why did he/ she do the song?
  3. What does the song say/ mean?
  4. When, Where and How was the song done?
  5. How does the song concern/ affect me?
  6. How does the song concern/ affect my audience?
  7. What experience would best express the song?
  8. Which tone would best express the song?


With the following questions answered, it would be easier to sometimes include a little playlet either before, within or at the end of the song within the same length of time given for such.

Remember, the most important factor in your singing ministration is to drive the message home to all age and class within the venue of ministration. For Every Minister Must Meet The Needs They Are Created To Handle.


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