Vacation Music Academy


Vacation Music Academy.jpg

A plan put in place for our young ones to build their musical Passion, Skill and Career during Vacation Periods while they stay focused on their academic demands in their regular institutes.


  • Those within Primary Schooling age (Kids).

  • Those within Secondary School (Teenage).

  • Those who have finished Secondary Schooling (Adults).

Our vacation Students will be performing at our annual End of Year Concert.

Carol For Kids (CFK)

An Interdenominational Christmas Celebration organized for kids who are within the challenged and malnourished to have a feel of Christmas brought into their communities and homes on Christmas days. The goal is to bring them the joy of Christmas with all the Love, Excitements and Opportunities it offers.


  • Kids from Orphanages.

  • Kids in Developing Communities.

  • Kids within poor families.

  • Kids within challenged homes.

  • Kids who are willing to mingle.