Training Packages

Our Training Packages

We have a plan put in place for you, your young ones and colleagues to build the musical Passion, Skill and Career irrespective of schedules while staying focused on your various demands in the regular institutes, jobs etc. This is why we have flexible Packages and time schedules as explained below.


  • General Class

  • Special Class

  • Executive Class

  • Mentorship Class

  • Vacation Music Academy

  • Album Recording Management

  • Concert Packaging.

  • Full Concert Management.

1. General Class

Our General Class Package covers about 39 Training periods within 3months. It is often scheduled to run from 5p.m – 7p.m on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays to accommodate the students and working class undergraduates who passionately desire to improve and be skilled musically despite their tight daily schedules.

The Focus of the General Class is on Pianists & Vocalists as they are taught both Courses as a combo pack to improve their Basic Musicianship within 3 months.

A Training Session seats a maximum of 50 persons in the Live Class while numerous others hook up online. Consequently, registration and enrollment for this class is done and completed before the session commences. For details of the next Session, click on


Concession is given to a few students who have financial huddles at resumption, however, full payment is made within the First month of resumption. For a list of the various packages and tuition, click this link now

To complete your online Registration as one of the First 50 Students in the Live Class this next Session, click on

2. Special Class

Similar to the General Class, our Special Class Package is flexible and fixed to suit the Students’ Free/ Leisure periods set aside for their Music Training due to their busy schedule or undefined timing of Jobs for Business Owners, Off Shore Workers (Shift Jobs) and Guardians after School Runs.

A Session runs for 3 months while each Training Session seats a maximum of 6 persons who have similar areas of challenges, needs and musical level of competence in the Live Class yet numerous others whose timing also fit into this are allowed to hook up online.

Consequently, registration and enrollment for the class is done and completed before the session is joined. So register now @

Unlike the General Class, this has no calendar it follows except the Students’ agreed schedule within the 3 months Session. So for the current Special Class’ tuition, click this link now

3. Executive Class

The Executive Class is created for Artistes and Celebrities who love to be Trained Musically but want it at their place of choice (Office, Home, Gyms etc. ) and time. Either for Confidential or Security reasons.

These Sessions are made strictly private and undisclosed.  So for the current Executive Class’ tuition, click this link now

You can proceed to register now @

4. Mentorship Class

This is created for those who desire to understudy our Ministry, Management, Music & Media Structure as well as get mentored us for a period defined our agreement terms and schedules.

Students under this package are referred to as “Protégés” and allowed to attend all our training Sessions within and outside the Academy during their period of stay and work with us.

So click this link now for the current Mentorship Class’ Fee,

Then proceed to apply for Mentorship in our Academy now @

5. Vacation Music Academy

This runs within the Students’ Vacation Periods every April, August & December, or Workers’ Annual Leave periods.

The current Annual Tuition covers all other Public Holidays within the year enrolled for.

Click this link now for the current Vacation Music Academy’s Annual Tuition for all ages

Then proceed to apply for reservations during your next Vacation @

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