Annual Events, Concerts & Conferences (AECC)

MD's PixAnnual Events, Concerts & Conferences (AECC)Dexterous Music Media features a number of Events, Concerts & Conferences annually.

These are portrayed and updated on our AECC Page.





Mentors & Protégés Weekend (MPW)

Mentors & Protégés Weekend is a Music Conference that brings Music Mentors and their Protégés to a “One on One meeting” for a weekend (Friday – Sunday) to meet, interact and get re-fired. It is meant among other features to review the Minstrel’s Music Ministry, Musical Life, Correct mistakes already made or about to be made, and what new heights are left to be accomplished as minstrels.


·         Teaching & Seminar Mentors.

·         Interactive Session.

·         Photo & Autograph Session.

·         Dinner Nite with Mentor(s).

·         Empowerment/ Impartation Sessions.

·         Interview Segment (Red Carpet).

The Scope covers the following Areas Of Focus:

  • Self Development.

  • SWOT Analysis.

  • Rehearsals

  • Discipline

  • Mentorship Choice

  • Handling Commendations & Fans.

  • Minister’s Honorariums.

  • Ministrations/ Performances

  • Obeying Leadership/ Authority.

  • Seed-Faith.

  • Spirituality

Procedure for Being a Part:

·         Register online now @

·         Download, Fill & Submit our Mentor/ Protégé form.

·         Follow the Tour Date closely.

·         Register for your Favourite Mentor’s Session as an attendee Protégé.

·         Connect with us on our Online/ Social Media Platforms.







Whatsapp: +2349069041754.

Call: +2348187200096

·         Connect with the Mentors on their Social Media Platforms.

. Get the Guest/ Attendees I.V/ Access Card & Tag


Add Ins:

·         We create a blog/ webinar between the Mentors & their Protégés.

·         Protégés will receive Posts/ write-ups on Mentoring before, during and after the Music Conference Weekend.

·         Protégé can fill more than one mentor and desired/ optional mentors who they’ll also love to attend their session/ weekend…

…Bridging the Gap through Music…


Dexterous Musical Camp (DMC)

A camping experience organized solely for musicians and music lovers every 1st Weekend (Thursday – Saturday) of the year to meet, interact and get re-fire.

It is meant among other features to review the minstrel’s Musical Ministry, Musical Life, previous year, the goals for the New Year begun and what new heights are left to be accomplished as minstrels.


·         Music Pastors, Directors & Presidents.

·         Soloists, Praise Leaders & Worshipers.

·         Choir Executives.

·         Music Lovers/ Audience.



Music Training & Consultancy Weeks (MTCW)

Due to the gravity of training programs and opportunities God has been unveiling to us to ENGAGE & OFFER since the beginning of the year, we have extended the “FREE MUSIC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY WEEKS” till the end of January 2017 as this HAS become an annually EMPOWERED EVENT our Music Academy to help many redefine and accomplish their musical goals.

This Kicks off immediately after the Dexterous Musical Camp (DMC) and runs for 3 weeks consecutively.


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It is to enable us build greater capacity for the magnificent assignment ahead,  handle more clients’ goals on our waiting list and allow many students waiting on God every January to resume with us unhindered.


Dexterous Music Media’s Anniversary (Feb 2nd )

Thanking God For 9yrs Of Impact Full Music Ministry on the 2nd day of February 2018.

It will be 9yrs we resumed FULL-TIME MUSIC MINISTRY with mind blowing testimonies among Ministries, Students and Partners. A list of those testimonies with the posts of the testifiers are made available on various platforms as the months unfold.

More so, awesome Projects and Packages God has Purposed Design to  run through us each year would be unveiled progressively to everyone as we engage God’s Light that has come on us through Divine Revelation, Leading and Guidance.

The post will not be complete until we heartily appreciate our timeless and tireless PARTNERS annually.




12 Impactful Weekends

Since, The 1st of April 2017, We officially Launched our Annual 12 IMPACTFUL WEEKENDS..
Consequently, the following weekends have been scheduled for your Training for the year 2018:

1ST WEEKEND April: 7th (Saturday) & 8th (Sunday)
2ND WEEKEND April: 21st (Saturday) & 22nd (Sunday)
3RD WEEKEND May 12th (Saturday) & 13th (Sunday)
4TH WEEKEND June 2nd (Saturday) & 3rd (Sunday)
5TH WEEKEND June 9th (Saturday) & 10th (Sunday)
6TH WEEKEND June 16th (Saturday) & 17th (Sunday)
7TH WEEKEND June 30tht (Saturday) & July 1st (Sunday)
8TH WEEKEND July 7th (Saturday) & 8th (Sunday)
9TH WEEKEND July 14th (Saturday) & 15th (Sunday)
10TH WEEKEND July 21st (Saturday) & 22nd (Sunday)
11TH WEEKEND August. 4th (Saturday) & 5th (Sunday)
12TH WEEKEND August. 11th (Saturday) & 12th (Sunday)


To Participate

  1. Choose your preferred WEEKEND(s).
    B. Inform your Music Director/ Pastor/ Coordinator.
    C. Send us a message on your preferred WEEKEND(s) and venue.
    D. Follow up for approval or nearest location and WEEKEND as a favourable alternative to yours on our various Social Media Platforms below:

WhatsApp: +2349069041754.
Call: +2348022495722.
SMS: +2348187200096.

Family Worship (FW)

A Worship Experience organized in the homes of our Active Partners and Senior Ministers to draw forth the presence of God in their homes through worship. This is spiritually packaged with our Dexterous Minstrels (Music Ministers) whose hunger is to always rain down God’s supernatural presence through worship.


·         Active Partner’s Home.

·         Senior Ministers of the Gospel.

·         Fortnightly Meetings.

·         Families that long for God’s Encounter.

·         Weekly T.V Broadcast of Worship Sessions.

Visit any of our offices for Free Counsel and Support in due time.


Carol for kids (CFK)

An Interdenominational Christmas Celebration organized for kids who are challenged and malnourished to have a feel of Christmas brought into their communities and homes on Christmas days. The goal is to bring them the joy of Christmas with all the Love, Excitements and Opportunities it offers.


  • Kids from Orphanages.

  • Kids in Developing Communities.

  • Kids within poor families.

  • Kids within challenged homes.

  • Kids who are willing to mingle.




SallyMuzic Concert


It’s an annual Concert that is hosted every 1st Sunday of May SallyMuzic Ministries with a couple of friends and Guest Artistes having the Mandate to Reveal God’s love Setting the oppressed free through music.


The Concert projects God’s love in Songs, Dance, Praise, Worship Sessions and Medleys top Gospel Artistes from across the globe.




If you missed the last one, don’t ever miss the next. So write it on your Diary, Pin it to your interest and follow on all the Social Media Platforms right away.

REST 3.jpg


The Next has been Scheduled for Sunday May 6th 2018…

REST 4.jpg

For updates and participation, reach out to us on the links below:








Whatsapp: +2349069041754.

Call: +2348187200096.


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