• Offering Professional Training to Students who come to get Scholarly knowledge during Regular, Special or Executive or Online Class Packages or Vacation Periods as well as Talent Hunt Project Contestants who are Trained our Academy after being shortlisted for the competition is the Sole responsibility of our Academy a.k.a #D’Academy.


Regular/ General Classes:


Our Regular Class holds once every year within the 1st Quarter of the year where all the Students awaiting resumption for the year are being admitted and trained from February till April.

It admits the first 50 Students who have pressed hard enough to enroll for that year as they are scheduled to receive intensive lectures and practical Sessions for 3months on a row.

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Vacation Music Academy (VMA):

Vacation Music Academy is a segment in #D’Academy whose plan is put in place for our young ones to build their musical Passion, Skill and Career during Vacation Periods while they stay focused on their academic demands in their regular institutes.


  • Those within Primary Schooling age (Kids).

  • Those within Secondary School (Teenage).

  • Those who have finished Secondary Schooling (Adults).


Our vacation Students will be performing at our annual End of Year Concert.


Special Classes:

For our students whose schedules are tight and can’t put up with the stereo typed class time for the Regular/ General Classes that hold once a year, a designed session has been put in place that allows the come to class for 2hrs two to three times weekly within their scheduled period of availability.

The student under this package determines the duration for completing his/ her course concepts based on his/ her voracity and intelligence quotient (I.Q). This is created to eradicate the excuse of not being able to fulfill your musical dreams for time constraint sake or busy daily schedule. Thus our skilled instructors are committed to teaching you around the clock once you indicate your passion to learn and create your convenient time.


Executive Classes (EC):

This is created for Renown Artistes and Corporate Executives who either for Security reasons or otherwise do not have the liberty or prefer a “One on One Class” with our instructors. The flexibility of this package is not only in its individuality but also in the venue where the Training should be held is as chosen the Executive Student.

They are often undertaken some of our Renown Artistes, Corporate Executives, Group Music Directors or Band Leaders who desire to keep their quest for knowledge and source hidden till they are ready to disclose it themselves.


Online Classes (e-learning):

Distant learning has been made easier the trend of technological developments, consequently, geographical location is no longer a barrier. We have you covered on our e-learning platform anywhere in the world through Live Streaming, Live Chats, Webinars and other Learning Materials/ Videos sent to you via our Online Class Platforms


Talent Hunt Academy:

We provide a functional pool of manpower for Several Bodies and NGOs who have a strong craving to hunt for and establish Musical Talents at various capacities


Now we’ve got you so covered all round that you don’t not have any excuse for failing musically or not accomplishing those Musical Goals/ Visions…

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