About Us

Who we are…

Dexterous music media is a registered Establishment with the Corporate Affairs Commission, having a consortium of qualified and experienced instructors who understand that “It is the GLORY of GOD to conceal a thing; but the Honor of KINGS is to search out a matter…”

We dedicate ourselves to searching out the common Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Song Writers, Singers, Individuals, Music Ministries and their impact at Local & International Levels, package them into lectures, discussions and reports in daily, weekly, monthly and Quarterly Editions and Seasons with the UNDERSTANDING that it improves your Businesses, Ministers, Music Ministry, Local Church, and the Body of Christ Globally.

You can tell the experiences better when we visit your church and events now!!!


…raising Eternal Excellencies and a Joy to many generations through Gospel Music is the mandate from God since January 2006 which says …raise for me WORSHIPERS.



Raise Worshipers for HIM…


To assist every Individual, Music Minister, Church and Christian to develop their God given gifts into Talents and Skills, irrespective of their Present Status, Knowledge, Schedule or Vocation, theremaking Manifest the Awesome presence of God in Every song.

A Music Institute with A Live Concert Recording Hall of over 50,000 seating Capacity, with State of the Arts Facility that Mass Produces the copies of the concert to the live audience before they leave the venue.


Our Operational Arms/ Departments:

To function maximally in the Vision and assignments of Dexterous Music Media, we are subdivided into 4 Major Operational Arms and split into these Areas of schedules:

  1. Academies:

    Offering Professional Training to Students who come to get Scholarly knowledge during Regular, Special or Executive or Online Class Packages or Vacation Periods as well as Talent Hunt Project Contestants who are Trained our Academy after being shortlisted for the competition is the Sole responsibility of our Academy a.k.a D’ Academy.

  2. Ministry:

    As part of our Ministry Commitments, We have an Arm that has been rendering Musical Training & Supports to Ministries in Various programs set to run independently in different seasons of the year. These ranges from DMM (Dexterous Music Minstrels), MMPP (Music Ministry Partnership Project), STORMM (Specialized Training Of Regional Music Ministers), LRC (Lyrics Rewrite Community), FW (Family Worship),  12 Impactful Weekends till Mentorship Programs.

  3. Artiste Management:

    Our Management Arm has a Team that is regularly Trained to handle various Artistes and their Brand’s needs ranging from ARM (Album Recording Management), AP (Album Promotion), AB (Artiste Booking), BM (Band Management) till Copyright Protection of Musical works.

  4. Concerts & Events:

    The Concerts & Events Arm focuses on various Annual Concerts & Events we handle from the last to the next year’s edition. Thus, we keep tabs on the  Concerts to ensure the next edition beats the last as we begin the planning and execution immediately after the just concluded one.

    Consequently, all you need to have your concert is the Vision while we’ll handle every other part from scripts till screen…


Have you observed that One third (1/3) of every greatly successful Social Event or Religious Service is dominated the Music Session and Ministers performances in that setting?
This comes in sessions and seasons of Praise & Worship, Congregational Hymn, Welcoming First Timers/Visitors, Offerings, BaDedications, Thanksgivings, Altar Calls and so on.

Yes they come in these guises but never in disguise for they are conspicuously obvious whether attention is paid to it or not, just as God remains SOVEREIGN whether we like it, know it, accept it or not.

This shocking yet truthful discovery has led us into our Researches, Services and Courses offered at our various centres around you.


Remember, Music has been one of the earliest activities that man engages in after birth. Further researches have shown that musical interest and activities of the individual begins even at conception of the child as some have them in their DNA, others as gifts while so many train to express it, yet even animals & plants crave  to hear it but you can never give what you do not have, possess nor have acquired.



Meet Some of Our Management Team Members:

  •  Uyigue Oyemwenosa Stephen (MD Crown) MD's Pix.jpg

    He received the call into Music Ministry on the 14th of May 2000 to Teach, Instruct and Raise generations on the Power of Music and its skillful use while he was a Tenor Singer at the Benin District Headquarters Church of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria.

    Since then, he has been privilege to both Lead and Direct several Musical Groups, Concerts and Projects, Trained several Artistes and has been proven as a Professional Pedagogy. He is the Youth Alive Fellowship Edo State Music Director of Living Faith Church Worldwide  a.k.a Winners Chapel.

    He is the Creative Executive Officer (C.E.O) and the Visionary of Dexterous Music Media a.k.a The Academy that has trained and raised several Music Artistes and Ministries, raising their level of ministration and goal to glorious heights with manifest testimonies.

  • Araromi Salome (SallyMuzic).


    • She is the C.E.O of GlamFab Inc. The Makeover School with amazingly stunning effects and beauty enhancements at event yet has an undying passion for music as her Primary Ministry.

    She is one of the Vocal Instructors/ Pedagogy @The Academy where she has been trained and proven worthy of reproducing great results in others too. You can read more about her and the SallyMuzic Concert at our Annual Events, Concerts & Conferences page or click dexterousmusicmedia.com/academies/calendar/annual-events-concerts-conferences-aecc/?frame-nonce=4dca0e9697


  • UYIGUE Ebenezer (E-mind).

    The Graphics Personnel @The Academy. He handles and creates all the Graphic Designs used for various concepts, Concerts and Conferences at the Academy. Thus these works are simply a genius art in display.

  • UYIGUE Oyemwosa Ivie.

    She is the  Media/ Diplomatic Personnel handling all Media related matters and has been on top of the game @The Academy for over 6yrs now…

    She is the Visionary of “Lady’s Perception with Ivie”, a Reality T.V Series that both reveals and handles the untold versions and struggles of the feminine world of experiences with variety of guests across the globe from various professional fields of expertise.

  • Luckes Oyenebe

  • 76843_491297520901282_1221507592_n.jpg

  • He is the C.E.O & Visionary of Spark Imagination Media who is in charge of the genius work explored in Developing our Website Management Team.





  • Partners over the years have included but not limited to:

  • Minister Mike Obasuyi

  • IMG-20170214-WA0001.jpg

  • He is a staunch lover of God and Music, The Visionary & Life President of De-Glorious Ministers. The Internationally celebrated Musical group with the fastest growing impact and coverage rate in the music industry globally.

  • His Musical Group have released series of Net-breaking songs among:

  • My Case Is Different

  • The Fathers Love

  • Imela ft. Micah Stampley, Tim Godfrey & IBK


Dr. Mrs. Georgina Erifeta


She has been a Successful Music Director, Pastors Wife, Business Woman, Faithful Steward & An Academician whose love for God and Music knows no bound. She has partnered with us and our Vision over the years, paying close details to every progress and development we’ve made per stride. Her recommendations have been outstanding and our partnership relationship is full of No Regrets.


Pastor James Kaycee Chinwuba.


Our first encounter with him while he was the Music Director of Living Faith Church Worldwide a.k.a Winners Chapel, Sapele Road left us so amazed that we had to award him the Certificate of Excellence in 2009.

Since we knew him, his level of ministry has never known a better yesterday in every ramification and we’re ever proud to remain partners.

He is currently The Senior Pastor of “Heaven Intervention Fire Ministries International” and remains one of our outstanding Partners who has being of great impact to us too through his Ministry on the Youtube Channel (Intervention TV).



Our Clients Over the Years Have Included:

MD Kachi Oduware Album Recording Management (ARM) May – July 2017
SallyMuzic  Concert Full Concert Management Jan  – May 2017
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Amagba Choir Training Oct – Dec 2016
Music Directors & Artistes Band Trainings & Music Academy April 2011 – Date
Daniel Davids  (Live Recording) Band Rehearsals & Oversight July – Sept 2016
Praise Crescendo (L.R) Album Recording Management (ARM) July 2016
Young Elder Tour (YET) Y .E. T’s Proposal & Planning June 2016
Shekinah (Live Recording) Music & Rehearsal Management April – August 2016
ODION Agoni Elect’s “GRACEFUL Hearts Concert” Group Training & Concert Planning May – June 2016
SallyMuzic  Concert Group Training & Concert Packaging April – May 2016
JAM Family – Casting Crowns Group Training, Lights & Smoke Effect. April 2016
DE Glorious Ministers’ “RoadSide Church” Concert Smoke Effect. April 2016
Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel, Benin State Talent Hunt Trainer/ Chief Judge. Nov 2015
Heaven Intervention Fire Min. Choir Training & Carol Packaging Oct 2015 – Mar. 2016
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Iyekogba Praise & Worship Concert Packaging May & Sept. 2015
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Delta State Region, Nigeria. Seminar for All (657) Music Directors April 2015
Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel, Uwasota Worship Concert Training & Packaging Feb 2015
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Province 8, Sapele Seminar for All Music Directors June & August 2014
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Ugbowo Choir Training May- July 2014
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Uwasota Choir Training Feb- May 2014
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Benin YAF Edo State Artistes Auditions April 2012 – 2014
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Province 8, Sapele Provincial Music Director’s Training Feb- April 2014
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Ugbowo Valentine Concert Packaging Feb 2014
Foursquare Gospel Church Benin District II’s Carol Training Dec 2013
Garland of Grace Ministries Instrumentalists Training Aug- Nov 2013
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Okhoro Worship Concert Training & Packaging Oct 2013
The Rich Ministries, Benin Soloists & Praise Leaders’ Training May- Aug. 2013
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Sap. Road Liberation Concert Packaging May 2013 & 2014
Living Faith Church, Benin YAF Edo State Artistes Auditions April 2013
Africa Mission Empowerment Sch Music Instructor & Curriculum Guide Aug – Sept 2012
Divine Climax Education Centre Music Instruction & Staff Training Jan – July 2012
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, St. Saviour Music Directing & Graphics Nov 2011- Dec 2013
Living Faith Church  a.k.a Winners Chapel, Iyekogba Choir Training & Concert Packaging Jan- Nov 2011

Our Dexterity:

  • Raising the spiritual strength of the group

  • Developing Manpower

  • Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Establishing Better Administrative Tools & Environment

  • Researches and Updates